Click here to visit! I am Vince Cate (widely known as "Samantha's husband"). I am buying scrap gold in Anguilla and making bullion coins in Anguilla. I think gold is a good investment as they are printing too much paper money..

This picture has an EC dime and a US dime for size comparison. Also below are computer generated images. I am makign 24K gold and selling these for about 10% over the gold value. I will also have big discounts for repeat buyers or volume buyers, even sometimes I have sold below the New York price for gold. If you would like to get cash for your gold or purchase some from me, please call me at 581-5398. ID is required.

Each bullion coin has a URL with a number, like where anyone can find pictures of the front and back of that particular piece. Also listed is the exact weight of each piece. There are unique features of each piece, including a hand drawn number, so these pictures and information can be used to authenticate the bullion coin. I believe these are among the hardest to counterfeit bullion coins in the world. If I were to buy some back I would not need to do any chemical testing to verify that one is real.

Note that these are not coins by the normal legal definition as they have no relation to any government, no face value, and are not legal tender. They may be called bullion coins.